The World's TOP STRIKER...

Is apparently a Soccer Player!!...didn't catch his name...the tv is just on in the background,but he must be a very dangerous man.


Who Pele?

*wha whaaaa*

I didn't get his name,but the announcer said "He may be the Top Striker in the world". crazy shit

In MMA it is Kevin Randleman and in K1 it is Bob Sapp.

Agreed Striker,but let's get this guy in there!!

there are lots of top strikers in soccer!!!

In MMA it is Kevin Randleman and in K1 it is Bob Sapp.

You better be fuckin kidding...lmao


Is the next Cro Cop ;)

nova, Ernesto Hoost was the best K1 fighter of all time, and Sapp TKOed him twice. Cro Crop was the best standup fighter in mma, but Randleman knocked him out.

Striker,your well thought out,decisive points make this CASE CLOSED.

Tiger White got KO'ed by Bonjasky, who got by KO'ed CroCop, who got KO'ed by Kev.

It's official, Tiger White does indeed suck entirely.. It came right outta striker18's mouth/keyboard! (pretty much)

edit - my grammar sucks too.

MMA's top striker: David Beckham

"The World's top Striker is John Wayne Parr for sure!

John Wayne Parr is awsome.. But he isnt the best


that ninja dude from ufc who pulled the dude into mount with ninja takedown has to be the NUMBER 1 striker in world.

Bonjansky was NOT KO'd by Crocop, it was a stoppage and it appeared to be stopped because he was only covering up and not striking back, it was also early in his career, i see Bonjansky being one of the most dominant in K-1

Yea steak knife, I know.. That wasn't the point at all. However, I think Cro would beat Bonjasky today in K-1. Even tho Remy has improved alot, CroCop is just that good IMO. And the GP win last year wasn't that great given the level of comp, but Remy is a damn exciting fighter, no doubt.

the top striker is in the PBA