thebest UFC fight never gets shown

Frank vs. Tito

why does Spike not show this fight?

whats the matter , they don't want show Tito tapping out?

the ufc wants nothing to do with frank, and frank wants nothing to do with the ufc

they may not want anything to do with him , but he should be in their Hall of Fame , and you cant pretend that he wasnt a 5x UFC champ

They're avoiding Frank, not the fight.

Frank should be in there before Ken IMO.

I agree that Frank is HOF material. He not only dominated the middleweight division (participating in seveal highlight reel-worthy matches while doing so), I sincerely believe that it was his skill, athleticism, and charisma that sold viewers on the viability of the lighter weight classes. It was also Frank who convinced much of the MMA world of the importance of good conditioning, which was a huge turning point for the sport, IMO. These things make him both a champion AND a pioneer, and if that's not HOF material, I don't know what is.

"I don't think he would be an appropriate candidate for UFC hall of fame at this time."

Yeah, but he's much more deserving than his brother and needs to be there at some point regardless of stupid politics and Dana's gayness.

"Dana White... is an Uncle Fester looking knucklehead"

-Frank Shamrock


"i agree, they must show the best UFC fight ever
Zane Frazier vs Kevin Rosier

ungodly technique"

Haven't seen it in years, but Frazier was whooping his fat ass until he broke his hand.

Frank could so easily have been MMA's big cross-over star. Oh, what might have been...

This "they dont want to show this fighter losing" shit and this "they are protecting that fighter" shit is fucking lame. I mean they have no problem airing Chuck beating Tito's ass, or Horn choking Chuck out, or Chuck beating Randy's ass, your statements are completely unsubstaniated.

"It was also Frank who convinced much of the MMA world of the importance of good conditioning, which was a huge turning point for the sport, IMO."

Very true. It certainly opened Tito's eyes on the importance of cardio.

I don't think he was getting dominated by Tito, but he was losing. That was still one of the best fights ever in the UFC.

Frank was dominating as a champ. He finished every single opponent. The fact that he took out Jackson and Zinoviev in under 20 sec each is damn impressive.

Even when he had an off night against Horn, he still tapped him out.

wow so if i respin what you just said, frank was getting his ass beat so badly...but somehow managed to hang in until the other guy was gassed, then proceeded to slap him upside his head until the guy tapped. Besides if the beating was so bad, wouldnt the fight have been stopped, or frank would been out of it?

Anyhow the above isnt being neccesary, youre just being biased. Comeback fights are what make champions legends. And its amazing how you dismiss cardio in a combat sport. I hope we dont carry that to a sport like basketball. Yea the knicks were kicking their ass the first 3qts, but gassed and lost in OT. That doesnt make much sense now does it? While its something we should note that Tito was winning before he gassed,however if we use that reason to take credit away from Frank then youre just being silly.