TheMMAWorldCup new streaming site

I just discovered there is a new streaming service that offers a bunch of MMA shows for one monthly fee.

from their About section:

20 Organizations
15 Countries
6 Continents
2017 will bring the very best of each of these World Cup Teams to compete against each other around the world. Those winners will not only represent their organization, but also their country, in the inaugural year of The MMA World Cup.

2017 events will air LIVE on THEMMAWORLDCUP.COM. Many of these World Cup Teams' previous events can be seen there currently. Viewership has reached nearly 200,000 for some of these events.

THEMMAWORLDCUP.COM will be the exclusive online host to each and every 2017 event. Additionally, World Cup Teams will continue to promote their own events throughout the year. We are anticipating well over 60 total events in 2017.

Gofightlive offers shows alacarte, flocombat offers a bunch of shows for one monthly fee and of course there is Fight Pass.
Looks like there is 4th option now.

Anybody familiar with this new streaming service?

The whole iPPV market is interesting. You see combat sports internet PPV's all the time now and the trend will only continue.

Damn the ippv MMA world is growing.

I just learned about that is the Rizin ippv provider now.

They also offer shows like ROAD and ACB for free.

I see they have some judo and BJJ, pro wrestling, boxing, and kickboxing.

Seems like you have to watch their free stuff at the scheduled time and it is not in a digital library like Fight Pass.

So there is:


Any other big MMA streaming platforms I've missed?