There IS HONOR Among the UG!!!

3 people placed a bet

3 people lost a bet

3 people PAID their bet

mikeblak, William Colosimo, stevezur....Thanks! And she thanks you to:



TTT for non-welchers amd TTT for you posting that, thanks.

Plus all 3 paid within a week of the fight. Says somethin right there. Good people....

Add green namer Leigh to that list. I received his paypal payment today. Solid UG'er.

Damn, that bitch is RIDICULOUSLY hot. Fuck.

'Damn, that bitch is RIDICULOUSLY hot'

Who is it?

I don't know but I wish I could slow that gif down! lol

nice babe

It's the least I could do for all of the ass you post on this here sight :)

Lol @ getting a bag of shit. I was gonna say something witty like, "no thanks, I already have a wife" ...but I figured that would be disrespectful.

Where u at steve?



the thread starter is also known for his honor

he lost a bet with me on the PBF/Oscar fight and bought me my new blue name

ive tried several times to start a thread , thanking you rocco...but for some reason im not allowed to start threads

i keep getting redirected back to the main page

so anyway, heres your thank you

and everyone should know, your legit when it comes to paying bets

thanks man

Email Kirik about that. Sounds like a glitch they should be able to take care of...


"extreme fighting 2 vhs tape returned promptly ;) '

Fuckin A. That deserves to be mentioned. Sent the Sperry/Zinoviev fight tape all the way to Cali where ptm2020 watched it, then promptly returned it just as he said.  Btw, let me know if there's anything else you want to see. Brazil Open Fight is cool too. Hendo's first tournament, the Big Cat/Randleman massacre, pele, etc. Oh did I mention Brazilian ring girls barely clothed?

TTT of her