There's no biting in MMA!!!

Went to Sportfight Cinco De Mayhem in Portland, Oregon this weekend.

The fights were ok. Nothing to write home about. But....

Blake Fredrickson vs. James Birdsley Hollman had an interesting ending when Frederickson had Hollman in a deep arm bar with Hollman standing. Frederickson starts pointing out something to the ref Dave Hagan and Dave stops the fight. Hollman was biting Frederickson's frickin leg until he drew blood. What a psycho!


Frickin Canadians. ;)

^^ Blake Fredrickson is Canadian, Birdsley is from Horns camp in Utah.

oh haha.... still...Frickin Canadians...Just sayin


so is that one of Horn's moves? Biting?

Never seen it for an armbar. Seems to happen most often during smothers

That's messed up right there. I don't know why Fredrickson didn't just snap the arm.


He spit it out

Fredrickson should have ripped that arm off.

Blake's post on the Canadian Forum....

From: Blake Fredrickson

Date: 05/06/07 02:05 PM
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""I fought James "birddog" Birdsley from Jeremy Horns camp in Utah. I dont want give the exact PBP, but it was a great fight in which I have never landed more elbows and knees to somebody ever.

He had my back for most of round 2 and almost had a RNC, but I escaped and pounded his head till the end of the round.In the 3rd he took me down and I slapped on a fight-ending armbar in which he spit his mouth guard and bit the inside of my hamstring. His teeth marks were there and I thought at first he had drawn blood,turns out I had busted his nose with an upkick earlier, ref saw the bite marks and DQ's him.

Shitty way to end a great fight,but He isnt a bad guy.Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess.Hopefully someone posts this fight somewhere soon cause its a gooder."

Yeah it was a gooder..But I swear Birdsley had blood coming out the corners of his mouth looking like one of the characters out of a Blade movie.


I guess Blake was closer than I was

that's pretty desperate

From a Utah Forum

Second James did bite Blake but it was not planned and he did not really even realize he was really biting him. Blake was a great sport and a really great guy in the situation and should be commended on his sportsmanship. He went over to James and raised his arm and huged him. He understood the heat of the battle and was very cool under the circumstances. Great guy. They were both tired and it was a super match up. The guys legs were over his shoulders and head on the ground and his thigh was in his BD face and he had lost his mouth piece again it was a crazy position for both of them. The fight was not over and both were giving it there all.

hmm has anyone been in this position before to accidentally bite someone during grappling?

Canadians are bad for the sport imo! Except for Doerksen, he is cool!

and GSP

I was at the event too and shall be adding the biting escape to my aresenal.

^^^ Cheap eats IMO