These guys have nice Judo (video)

Ribeiraieoero(sp?) Brothers,

Not murderously spectactular Judo, but solid, very entertaining, and effective.

Allcloser, these guys are also known to dabble in bjj as well. lol just kidding.

One of them trains with Flavio Canto!

The younger Xande. He was wearing a greenbelt in a recent video posted by Chiave. Although, I believe that Chiave may have edited the video to make him look like a green belt. I would not put anything past that guy. ha!

On a weird note, 'Chaive the Braccio' (if my Portuguese is still good) actually means, "please shave my back sailor." I'm not making that up either.

Wow nice judo indeed.

Their BJJ isn't too bad either! Lol!

Lol @ back sailor
Saulo has a pretty solid ippon seio nage
Check this one :

nice ippon seio.

You are a good sport Chiave. That drop seio is just about as good as it gets.

Is that what Judo looked like 70 years ago?

"Is that what Judo looked like 70 years ago? "

LOL, no, not at all.


Oh Ben, stop being so modest. It looked exactly that way and you know it. lol

"From: ashy

Date: 12/30/06 11:41 AM
Oh Ben, stop being so modest. It looked exactly that way and you know it. lol

Modesty is one of my better qualities.


I received my bjj bluebelt from Saulo....

sooooo good....

he's got such a good balance (as far as BJJ is concerned) between tachiwaza and newaza. he's got a judo blackbelt (1st dan i believe), but really stresses it in practice and competition.


Hey Ben,

Hope you have a Happy new year. Re; too. That is also one of my better qualities. I find myself to be one of the most modest people alive actually. Probably the most modest person who ever lived. I 'ROCK' in that department. I'd like to see someone even try to compete with me regarding modesty. I'd crush them I would.......

notices irony

"I have this feeling that some BJJer's standups are not as aweful as some of you may believe. "


Thank goodness you are here to correct all of our misperceptions. Ever heard of the term, "oppositional defiant disorder?" I am not joking here. Well...maybe alittle bit. lol

Happy New Year

Hey allcloser,

You said "I have this feeling that some BJJer's standups are not as aweful as some of you may believe."

You seem to assess what the opposing position is, adopt it, and begin arguing from there. Re: your above have no idea what 'we' believe(whoever we are). So instead you give 'us' your opinion of what 'we' believe, and then correct 'us' from there.

Those guys in the video study Judo too. The older, smaller Saulo is a black belt, and trains regularly, and the younger, larger Xande trains with Canto. They crosstrain, or find a balance between the two arts. Which, by the way, shoots holes in your theory of Judo-only dominance.

My sword is getting sharper. I'd watch out if I were you. Incidently, I did not say that you had misperceptions, I said that 'we' did, but thank goodness you are here to help us sort them out. lol

See ya big guy

Saulo has been doing Judo as long as he has been doing Bjj. If I remember correctly his Judo instructor is a well known Judo guy in Brazil (not Mehdi but someone who is just as well known). He actually had two years of Judo training before he got into Bjj.

He recently did a seminar at my Bjj school and showed some Judo grips (offense and defense). Incidently Saulo told us he got his Bjj black belt in 4 years. His strong Judo back ground is what made him progress in Bjj so quickly.

He actually looks to apply his judo skills in competition. On the Gracie Mag website there are a few journal pages of Saulo's where he reviews fight strategies to be used against certain fighters.

He talks about how he observes the fighters he will possibly match up against and notes their weakness' (and strengths) and how they are vunerable to certain techniques namely certain throws and sweeps. He specifically names Kouchi Gari alot of times as a technique that can be used on many fighters.

One year in the Bjj Mundials (I believe 2000) Saulo caught a large number of fighters in his division with a fake sode tsuri komi goshi into a kouchi gari combo.


Re-read your above post. Do you want me to NOW, find video of bjj standup, so that you can argue that it is not as bad as we allegedly say?

Take care,


I feel your pain. Who does that guy think he is? Saulo Ri....? Ooops! That won't work.

Except I feel like he lifted his entire repertoire from me. Except for my Tomoe nage and expletive-laden kiai. We should bang out a class-action form letter outlining our position. Sternly written, but polite.....we don't want to piss him off, do we?

Happy New Year

saulo ribeiro is a black belt in judo (1st dan) and xande is a brown belt (1 kyu).