thiago silva vs. jardine, no win situation

for thiago imo. if he wins they'll say jardine was ruined by wandy. if he loses, he'll be out of title contention forever.

your a fool, after wandi jardine came back and faught a great fight against rampage for three rounds. if he wins it will be because jardine is sometimes overwhelmed. and out of contention forever if he looses, saddly in the ufc today your probably right.

its a good fight for both fighters as they are both on the outside of the tittle race, a win should get either of them 1-2 fights out from a tittle shot.

Pretty much the same for both guys. A win for either just keeps them 8 or 9 in the top 10 and the loser 1 or 2 behind him.

Jardine is a Top 10 guy and Silva is a Top 20 guy. I would say Silva has a Top 10 ranking to gain and nothing to lose

Beating Jardine ain't easy. Show some respect.

I think Jardine would be a horrible matchup for Machida as well

i think jardine is a tough guy, but he's not going to get silva much in the way of a climb in the ranks.

i think jardine is a great matchup for machida. jardine will try to stand and get killed.

also how is jardine higher ranked than silva, when thiago has only lost one match to a guy who is the top 205'er in the world? jardine has lost to alexander, wandy, rampage.

it's not thiago's fault that he's getting all the cans, while jardine keeps getting the best fighters on the account that he was on TUF.

 I like this fight... Jardine is a tough fight for anyone.

It might not be Thiago's fault he never beat anyone good, but Jardine has beaten Top 10 guys and lost a close fight to Rampage

Somebody is gonna get knocked out and I hope it's not Thiago.

This is a good fight, rooting for Thiago.