Thiago Silva...!!!

Another Slit Throat...!!! Phone Post 3.0

Did Silva flip off Feijao? Or was that just my imagination?

In 4 gif i missed it Phone Post

They cut away on Fuel.

Didn't even see a throat slit.

Great fight...couldn't understand how people were writing off Silva and claiming he wasn't the same anymore... Phone Post 3.0

There was a "middle finger flying" after the "Sheee, He's Sleeping" gesture. 

Probably the reason for the cut away. 

Refuse to Lose - Thiago Silvas a monster he may never get the belt but you best believe I'm always tunning into his fights.

Awesome fighter. Phone Post
Agreed. Hes My Favorite. He's not scared to lose. Never a boring fight. Phone Post 3.0

Awesome fight tonight. Phone Post

I was happy to see him back Phone Post 3.0

Best performance that he's had in years; way more impressed here than when he was playing bongoes on that guys back Phone Post 3.0