Thiago v rampage who win?

U know this will happen soon enough ! Phone Post 3.0

I say rampage Phone Post 3.0

thiago. rampage still only stalks looking for the big punch. thiago will use his leg kicks and end up catching page

The fans. But then the fans lose when Bellayto Fan makes a thread about it and he goes on his usual speel. Phone Post 3.0

Hmmmmmmm i dunno slampages hands look great imo latley good hips heads movin a bit im impressed but silva is lookin to decapitate someone anyone right now so i cant pick . Someone tell thiago pre fight that pablo was in rampages locker Phone Post 3.0

rampages hands are great but his feet are not
one dimensional vs someone good usually gets beat

I say thiago.

But the staredown would be ppv worthy on its own Phone Post 3.0

Thiago via 9mm Phone Post 3.0

Thiago by des in court Phone Post 3.0