how can u condition your thighs for low kicks?

Get kicked and get used to it....

It's true. Leg conditioning isn't just shins my friend. Stand toe to toe with a partner and alternate leg kicks about 40% power for about 2-3 minutes. Cool. Then challenge Remy Bonjasky.

Then challenge Remy Bonjasky.............LMFAO

don't take the kick on your thigh! Block with the shin or get out of the way.

Great Idea CockneyBlue, but the first rule I try to tell people is, if you're going to fight you are going to get hit. Show me a fight where one of the opponents is so incredibly badass that he blocks and/or eludes all attacks, If you can do that you're better than me.

KaoLoy, I take what you are saying but unlike shins, I don't think you can really do anything to 'condition' your thighs to take a powerful kick.

If you get a couple of good shots on your thigh you are going down whoever you are.

I'll partially agree with you on that. I just always remember the first time I was kicked in the thigh, coming from a boxing background, I thought to myself "Holy Sh!t" and wanted to stop right then and there. I thankfully did not and now I can certainly accept quite a bit of punishment. I do agree that unlike the shin you maybe can't 100% "condition" your thigh but I didn't say physically condition, which is where I'll agree because we all know that the mental game is a HUGE part of any training. with that being said, your mind must be "conditioned" to fight through the pain. I like to think that that is where the "martial art" of Muay Thai exists in a parallel with the techniques and History.

OK, I'll go along with that. As long as no-one is suggesting that by concentrating their inner chi can allow them to be kicked in the groin without it hurting (as seen on a late night TV program the other night)

Entire dojo full of people meditating for ten mins then taking shots to the throat etc. I was sat thinking for gods sake teach them to duck!

I don't think there is any secret to conditioning your thighs for taking kicks...bottom line them hurt! But after years and years of training you'll be able to "take them much better" in time.

If you read or train with any of the Thai's, they'll tell you that running (everyday) and skipping rope (everyday) will strenthen the legs, which in time will benefit you as well.

So to answer your question about conditioning your legs I would sugguest running, skipping rop, and continue to train hard and leg spar. And in time you'll be a mean ass leg machine!!!!!

David Bokman
Body Arts Gym

As long as no-one is suggesting that by concentrating their inner chi can allow them to be kicked in the groin without it hurting

I think it works the movies.

think about muscle density as opposed to size - I do about 4-5 sets of 100 free squats for density - when I fought Leuyer who is one of the hardest kickers in the US i did not really feel the kicks - 'cept for knees.

Jeff Ford is definitely correct. The more dense the particular muscle, the more shock it will be able to absorb. And yes, leuyer is a hard kicking SOB!! lol

free squats meaning with no weight? are they better than doing squats w/ the weight?

Doing freeweight (no weight) squats gets your muscular endurance and overall strength up. It also makes them hard as rocks, letting them take more kicks.

Think of weighted squats as raising the bar, and no weight squats as getting really good at getting over the bar.

My gym does do some body conditioning, what to do when you can't block that kick or punch. Honestly though, for leg kicks, just sparring will help you more than getting kicked IME. You're going to get hit when you spar, it lets you deal with the pain of a leg kick, or a punch to the nose.

skpotamus-what is the training routine at your gym including the bodyweight stuff?