Things are shaking up in the UFC

With Jardine taking the fight from Liddel at UFC 76, Forrest Griffin taking out Rua, and Fitch giving Sanchez defeat number two in a row, things are shaking up. This just goes to show anyone can win on any given night. Some people gave Forrest Griffin no credit what so ever. This should make for some pretty wild match ups over the next few months. My question to you, is whom do you want to see matched up with the current situation? Who should get the title shot and in what order should they get it?

Silva vs Liddell...not sure about the title shot.

^correct...machida should be in there.also a forrest vs jardine 2 for number 1 is not too bad...also chuck and shogun would also make some sense.


^^ houston vs tito is something that I can see happening before this for some reason, not sure why, maybe to make a name for him if he is all that.

Houston vs wand, houston vs chuck....

I just figure that would be the guy they'd put against these fighters for the knockout type of fight. Not saying that's who i'd put him against, just seems to be the trend. BUT I don't think he's at that level yet and i'm not sure if any of those fighters would take this fight minus chuck at this time.