Things we didnt see coming in 2008.

EDIT: Things we did not see coming over the last 12 months.Evan Tanner (RIP) clearly no one would have predicted, expected and certainly not wanted this.Cro-Cop getting his soul kicked off with his own trademark move by the big G – many jaws were heard hitting the floor worldwide.Chack v Wandy – the fact it actually happened. (and didn’t suck)Randy fighting in the UFC again!!! And not only that, fighting Brock freaking Lesnar – Bizarre.Chack getting KTFO by Rashad.Kimbo Slice v Ken Shamrock: what.the.fuckRampage Jackson going on an actual RampageFedor V Tim Sylvia. The fact this fight happened was enough – I don’t think anyone saw Fedor manraping Tim in 30 secs.Forest = 205 champThe unstoppable frate trainPlease add your own.

 numbers 2 and 3 I didn't see coming in 08 because they happened in 07

LifeType1 - Good thread .. if someone would of told me any of those things 1 or 2 years ago , i would of thought they were crazy .

even 6-8 months ago, i think a lot of people take some of this craziness for granted and no doubt some smart ass's will appear soon stating they predicted all of the above.

Mad Xyientist - numbers 2 and 3 I didn't see coming in 08 because they happened in 07

good point. stll, my point stands, lets change thread title to "12 months ago" then, whatever.

Royce beating all those big guys with crazy secret moves.

Damn secret moves, they get you every time.

I foresaw Achilles' defeat.  After all, it was prophesized and all.

 forrest beating quinton

Crazy shit happens in MMA in and out of the cage/ring

Hansen destroying Aoki!!

Josh Thompson beating down Melendez!

Frank Shamrock getting beat!