Thinking of buying this card tonight

Heard good things about most of the fights, but Hughes v Gracie seemed to have bombed. Can someone tell me if it's worth it before I drop the sixty bucks on it?

i would say its worth it so far

Save your money ! go to the bar

 the fights will probably be up on the internet before the PPV even starts

Was the Penn-Edgar fight at least exciting?

TTT for spending the time. Was Penn-Edgar exciting


This card would buy you for $44.99

Absolutely pathetic for the last three fights

 save your money.....the main card blew balls 

upaloompa - TTT for spending the time. Was Penn-Edgar exciting


dont do it

upaloompa - Was the Penn-Edgar fight at least exciting?


 First two rounds of Hughes/Renzo sucked. Last three rounds of Anderson/Maia sucked.

Everything else was great. lol

not worth it shitty judging and Shitty matchmaking.

The first two fights of the night were AWESOME. The rest.... a little slow.

no, DON NOT GET THIS PPV Or you will be pissed off at yourself for wasting your money, one fight in particular was atrocius and an afront to the fans


If your a masochist go and order it