Thinking of selling a few posters


I lowered prices. Prices are delivered and i am only shipping to the United States.

($150) UFC 48 Ken Shamrock vs Kimo- signed by card

($65) UFC 55 Arlovski vs Buentello - signed by card

($65) UFC 56 Franklin vs Quarry - signed by card

($125) UFC 81 Lesnar vs Mir / Silvia vs Nogueira (Lesnars 1st UFC fight) - signed by card 

($125) UFC 97 Shogun vs Liddell / A.Silva vs Leites - signed by card (small tear near top corner)

($25) UFC 106 - signed by Tito Ortiz

($65) UFC 108 Evans vs T.Silva - signed by card


($25) Pride Bushido 8 B3 unsigned


(SOLD) UFC 43 Chuck Liddell vs Randy Couture - signed by card

(SOLD) UFC 44 Tito Ortiz vs Randy Couture - signed by card

(SOLD) UFC 53 Franklin vs Evan Tanner - signed by card

(SOLD) UFC 83 - French version signed by GSP and Serra

(SOLD) UFC 102 Couture vs Nogueira - signed by card

(SOLD) UFC 103 Franklin vs Belfort - signed by card

(SOLD) UFC 114 Evans vs Rampage - signed by card

(SOLD) UFC 115 Franklin vs Liddell (Chuck Liddells last fight) - signed by card

(SOLD) UFC 124 Koscheck vs GSP - signed by card

(SOLD) WEC 48 Aldo vs Faber - signed by card

(SOLD) UFC 113 Shogun vs Machida 2 - signed by card

(SOLD) Pride 31 - signed by Yoon Dong Sik

(SOLD) UFC 122 Marquardt vs Okami - signed by card

(SOLD) WEC 41 Brown vs Faber 2 - signed by card

(SOLD) Tito Ortiz Punishment full size poster - signed by Tito Ortiz

(SOLD) Strikeforce Heavyweight GP Dallas - signed by card




What you looking for, for the UFC 113 poster? Phone Post

 Message sent.

What about the 115? Phone Post

 Message sent.

After price on 113 and 43. Thanks

 Message sent.

Responded..can u send me a pic? Phone Post

 I dont have it in a frame anymore. Its in its original tube and has the hologram sticker on the back. Heres a crappy pic. Its in good condition, i could take a better pic if u need it.

If that Pride 31 is Japanese and B2 in size I am def interested. Heller deals on some posters.

 Pride 31 is Japanese but its B3

still pretty badass, let me sleep on it and i'll let ya know man. thanks for posting a pic btw.

 Sorry Coop, Dawggy was too quick.

Its all good man. It was a hell of a deal

Sidenote, I hate you Dawggy... haha

His sig really takes up the entire poster? Phone Post

Tap In - Ill pm ya


How much to ship to the UK James?

 Sorry Scrivs, i only ship to the United States because i send everything with tracking and can only imagine what it would cost to ship out of the country.

Not that much actually. Shipping a poster might run you like $30 or so to the UK.

 Actually you can send a poster (27" x 39") in a trimmed tube to the UK first class for about $9-$11. You can argue otherwise but Paypal will (and has) honored the Customs Form as a valid form of tracking confirmation.