Thinkyou could tap Frank Shamrock?


86 views and no one so far Frank.

Frank is a pro, man. Better fighters than me couldn't tap him.....I'm not delusional...

tap him on the shoulder and tell him i'm a big fan.

Lets not forget the lazer eye although I think he'd turn it off for rolling. Up to 241 now and still no one Frank

i'd have to have a sh*tload of drinks on board, but even without beer goggles he sure is cute...yeah, if the price was right i'd tap that


oh, like tap in a grappling competition?? no way

sulks back to


Lol damn you drunkards!

TTT for Frank's boyish good looks


He can hang with BJ Penn according to Penn and tapped out Jeremy Horn. You see his rolling vid? He does handstands you cant learn that shit.

427 views and only one person with a gi Frank. Biglove1973 you mistake Frank for Chuck Norris its an easy mistake to make I know.

A lot of people are so basic in their thinking about jiu-jitsu and grapling. Frank puts him self in bad situations because he can he knows jiu-jitsu and he uses his body and athleticism to get out of bad situations he does not care if some one gets a good position on him because he knows he is not in real danger. I trained with him and i will tell u he has the flexability and mobility of a 160lb gymnest with the power of a 200lb strong man


IMO Rich vs Frank would be awsome. Frank would get pounded.

"IMO Rich vs Frank would be awsome. Franklin would get pounded."

Edited for the truth

Frank will not be tapped in the view of the general public, EVER!!! That is a promise. Whether that means much or not, this promise will stand the test of time....

lol @ the pic & title

After Baroni knocks him out I'm sure he could arm bar him...

Prolly not.

Frank is damn good. Comparing his grappling skills to Ken is laughable.

I don't like the guy, but he's very skilled.

Would've been fun to have seen him in his prime in Abu Dhabi.