This damn grappling thing!

So my gf are on the couch making out and talking while watching some tv. I am on top and between her legs and I start thinking of ways to pass her guard WTF! Then later on she is on top of me (mount)and I start thinking "she is giving me to much space, her base is totally off, I could easily escape this." ahhhh!

Please tell me this is normal and that many of you have experienced this. Please tell me that later on I won't need to wear a gi and have to be watching the mundials on dvd in order to get of.

I feel bad for your training partners. :(

Seek immediate help:)

Doesn't happen to me. I guess you're weird.

Hate to say it, but you're on your own on this one.

It think you underestimate you girlfriend - she never allows me to pass her guard.

Hay Oh!

Stop thinking about your bjj instructor and you wont feel like making out.

State the age,rank, and lineage of the gf,. Photos would also be appreciated.

not bjj... but in judo when i was young and dumb i once accidently threw my gf in the middle of campus with a footsweep. dropped her right on her ass, hard, and that was only after realizing that she was airborn and trying to catch her as best i could.

all this because she put her arm around my back.

since 1999 i've put subs on every gf i've had, nothing gives me more satisfaction than putting on an achielles lock on them and making them cry.


OK to think about Jiu Jitsu during sex.

NOT OK to think about sex during Jiu Jitsu!

I wonder if in the middle of sex, Chuck Norris ever thought to himself, "she is totally not defending her chest, I could rip out her heart and stuff it down her throat."