this is some bulls!t!!!

so I post on here about how much fun I had at the mmamexico show last week and how my fight went and it gets eidited and taken off two time,, what the fuck is that shit, that was a very respectful and hummble post where I said nothing but go things about eveyone in the show,, fuck nut manny can come on here and talk about fucking pro fighters moms and they don't do shit, I post a thread about one of my fights and it gets cut up in to little peases,

thats some bullshit!!!!!!!


what do you think ther motive is mike?
I read the post and it seemed completly respectful and funny.

I'm sure the mods had a legitimate reason to delete your posts. Let's not get our panies in a bunch over this.

poor punctuation,i had to delete it.we need to think about the kids.

the Rouge mod NEEDS to be brought to justice...

they're trying to make it like the event never existed here at You won't find another thread concerning this event.

Not exaclty sure why.

"they're trying to make it like the event never existed here at"

Because it's in Mexico?? Sheesh, that shouldn't matter, state, country, whatever, MMA is MMA, anywhere it is!

Let me know the thread title please and I will look into it.


Get'em Kirik.

it was a great show mmamexico.

Thread title please? I gotta tale my God kid shopping, but will be back in a few hours and am on it.

results were posted, but then edited out, here

and here
they got reposted in this one though

Kirik, I think Mike is talking about his thread entitled "My fight with Ricco". I tried to read it too, but it actually said nothing about the fight in it. I thought it was kinda funny that it got chopped like that. I know there was another thread by the promoter of the event asking fighters to not post on here about it, and to only go to think) to learn about the show. Anywho, maybe it's like Area 51?


lol, Marks,, merry xmas, hows up north?

ttts for some answers,, the thread name was (my fight with ricco)


Whats up Mikey. Merry Christmas and Falez Navidad or however you spell that;-) Well, it sucks up north. It's cold as hell and all the women are pale and jolly, kinda like female Santas without the beards...oops, no, I just saw one out my window with chin hair like a wolf. I'll be visiting down there soon, if for nothing more than to go to Adalitas;-) Laterz


I'll never understand why mods aren't accountable on this board. If not to blacknamers, then at least to blue and green namers.

good question marck

i thought there was an option where you could see exactly which mod deleted your post/thread

Please feel free to edit in your comments, and also please check your hotmail account?