This is what Pettis did with his belt. (pic)

Shortly after the fight.


So glad he won. Phone Post

i like bendo but, good for him!

Pettis is well on his way to being a favorite of mine. Phone Post

redwhiteandblues - i like bendo but, good for him!

. Phone Post 3.0

Rudi - 

So glad he won. Phone Post

Me too. 

Showtime should have a biographical movie on Showtime

Powerful, a person can hardly get a better accolade than that. Congratulations to Pettis.

Good guy good kid good win Phone Post 3.0

Team Pettis. Phone Post 3.0

Always liked Petiz fighting style! Phone Post

It always baffled me that so many people, I guess you could say, disliked him. He might have a cocky fighting style and he definitely has swagger but he is unbelievably humble. Great guy to have as the 155 lb champ! Phone Post 3.0

That's awesome. Phone Post 3.0



I think I need to clean the dust off of my desk because my eyes just watered up for some strange reason.

What a great dude Phone Post

it is amazing to me that a 15 year old had the poise and character to internalize the murder of his father in such a positive way. Most adults are not capabe of that level of resilience. The guy is a role model. Phone Post 3.0