This made me laugh

I know this is pointless, but it made me laugh. FCfighter must have very short memories.

"(regarding the WEC 9 card) more UFC vets than have appeared on a non-UFC card in recent memory."

WEC 9 had 4 UFC fighters on it. Not two weeks ago RSF Shooto Challenge 2 had 6 or 7 UFC vets on it.

See, told you this was pointless.

That didn't make me laugh.

wow, I laughed so hard I pooped my pants! took about 7 seconds for this thread to pop up.Another 5 for me to write that last sentence,and yet ANOTHER 7 seconds for this one!!

I want the last 19 seconds of my life back you son of a bitch!:P

feels embarrassed for Mike Valentine's poopy pants 

Yeah that was hilarious.



*Walks away in shame*


hides in corner, shamed of poopy pants

I smell something.

*sniff sniff*

eeeeeeewwwwwwwww, ca ca.........

*nonchalantly looks at Mike in corner while holding nose*


I`m not sure of all the fighters that dropped out,but Joe Pardoe was scheduled to fight Mike Kyle,and he is a UFC veteran who trains under Royce Gracie,but lost in his UFC debut to Mike Van Arsdale.

for Joker................ :)