This place is a ghost town?

Any one that still reads, lurks, posts or even cares
about this place please reply. I'm curious.

It seems this forum is just so dead nowdays.


maybe a fat chick is a better description seems a few have had a look and wont own up to it :)


XFC - maybe a fat chick is a better description seems a few have had a look and wont own up to it :)


LOL awesome

Australia needs more MMA

Still lurking, occasionally posting. Forum is most interesting when there is drama.

justin i think more people post over at infinitemma. i'll always have a peek here.

I agree with both Crazydave and dave nagel! We're still here though Justin.

I post at infinite but I really think facebook/twitter have replaced the forum.

90% of this place was just BJJ fucktards blowing each other, they now do so via FB etc...

ps not all BJJrs are fucktards just the ones I drove from here ;)


I'd do that except she's a BESTON :)


I still post here and yes this is a ghost town except for that retard Gorgeous posting her stupidity all over it.

I'm still here.

Anyone else here repping MMA from WA?


Brisbane here

As much as I never thought I would say this, this was a more interesting forum when Brendon Merrit was around.

Cant believe I have been a member for more than 10 years...and actually alot longer than that. That date was just when the forum changed technology.

Obviously never post but irregularly check the forum. Pretty f*cking boring these days.

Nothing happens here. You see the no of looks/peeps go up on threads but no posts.

What happened to MERRIT? Didn't he end up in China, when Big D superplexed him?


I am the heart and soul of this place.

The body that is the Aussie UG is strange.

1 Heart, a few dicks & even more assholes & no brains :)


It was good back then. Brendon, Big Dave, Justin, all getting into it. Say what you want about their opinions, but at least they had the balls to voice them.

I think it must be a a BIG thing. We were probably used to not beeing told in growing up. I never seen MERRIT I know he has heavy but unsure ht wt.


this forum is dead to me.