This the Sukata?

Is this the Sukata people have been arguing about?

I know the interview is in spanish but I know enough spanish to get the basic meaning.

He says his first teacher was Luis Barbosa. He says he was on the Carlson Gracie team. He doesn't say that he was a student of Carlson or Carlson gave him his black belt.

At the time of the interview he was 31.

thats Mario Sukata Neto. The mysterious Mauricio SUkata is still nowhere to be found.


What if Mauricio is just another alternative name?

Oh brother...

Here we go again.

Just a suggestion.

Wow, see this is what the Rat Pack was hoping would happen. People see Sukata and they think he is the Sakata everyone is asking about. LOL

Do we really need to go through this shit again PC?

All that shit has been debunked in other threads. Robson is a fucking fraud. Plain and simple. If you can't understand that please let me know. I'll be happy to start selling you bridges and letting you help my friends in Sudan who have millions of dollars sitting in escrow but need YOUR help to get the funds release with just a small service fee equal to the amount you have in your checking account.


Marcos Santos said he does NOT know Sukata.  DoD called him and asked him point blank