this video make me affraid (vid)

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C level pro rasslin' mic skills.

what a wildman

makes me laugh


vbxpoison is the only one to have understood so far...

Karl's a great kid and a good fighter, he was asked to make a video to introduce his fight with Gambaryan and since his nickname is psycho he played on that.


I actually liked the video.....Good way to create some interrest.

I hope Karl destroy him!!!

That was fuckin' stupid, sorry.

Does he know how dumb that was?

I flinched when he flared his eyes at me at the end.

I felt hit again, and again, and again.


lol you losers...if it was Bob Sap doing it you would all be touching yourself...the kid is 21 years and was just trying to create sime hype...and He did

jujubre is correct.

I like that guy.

Yes he was there before, he fought there a couple of months ago against one of the local stars and he owned him

His name is Karl Amoussou, look him up.



holy shit i just spit my water everywhere....that was AWESOME

what was that little hiss at the end? LOL

Buffalo gets it too, it's good to see that some people have a sense of humor


I did not understand a word he said.


I felt scared...

and again...and again...and again...and again