Thomas Denny beats Olaf Alfonso

Congrats Wildman.

PFC 4 - Project Complete 10/18/2007

Thomas Denny Def. Olaf Alfonso Decision (Unanimous) R3 5:00









I was ringside for this fight.Pretty damn good fight with tremendous sportsmanship.

I have seen Denny fight and although he's not world class (GSP, Hughes, Fitch etc) he is far from a scrub. He has had some good fights in KOTC.

is olaf that crystal meth jeebus dude?

congrats to the Wildman!!

Olaf takes a beating and keeps on coming, Razor just about took his jaw off in their fight but I think it's mostly insanity that keeps him coming back.

I'm actually a fan of both guys.

Was his nose like that before the fight?

Isn't beating Olaf like a given? I believe they actually announce that his opponent is the winner before the fight starts.

Announcer: In this corner we have the winner John Smith

Announcer: Oh yeah! in the other corner is Olaf something or other.

Ref: Fight!

Man what a fun fight...... I was stuck in a choke for 51 sec man that guy is strong..... It was my first fight I weighed in @ 164. I haven't weighed that in 15 years. It was a test and I passed.

I take my hat off to Olaf he actually trained for 5 months with some big named camps and came to fight.

He took like 24 stitches after the fight and wanted to go another round. He is a tough guy and will be fighting and beating some tough guys with a performance like that. Thanks to the fans and Olaf for taking the fight.

Since then I just signed with Pro Elite, ShoXC for a 3 fight deal for next year @ the 160lb division....


Thomas"The Wildman"Denny

Congrats. Olaf never dissapoints. From the pics it looks like a fun time!

Olaf cut his hair. He doesn't look as crazy now. I think he would be quite entertaining on TUF.

olaf needs to retire

the guy has lost 6 straight, four of those by KO or TKO