Thompson win me $400 in a parlay

And $600 in his last fight. I love that guy! Phone Post 3.0

Always after the fact... Phone Post 3.0

My bookie didn't pick up. He called me after the fight. So bummed Phone Post 3.0

But stoked for you Phone Post 3.0

Yup guy is a wizard won $100 off him Phone Post 3.0

I put 50 on Thompson and 25 on him to win by stoppage.

I also put 10 on Roy by decision with 8-1 odds so I was pretty happy about that.

and I put 25 that the Roy fight would go the distance either way because I honestly thought jared was going to win by decision.

Best night of betting I have had in a while. Phone Post 3.0

That's a devastating blow for your bookie Phone Post 3.0

Pics or gtfo.

But good for you. I lost a lot on that card. Phone Post 3.0

It was boys! You want a screenshot or something? Ya'll niggas be trippin'!! Phone Post 3.0