Those who say Fedor is overrated

Fedor is the only one that Crocop admitted his loss fair and square.

like a blunt pencil, i'm struggling to see your point...

Basically the only fight that Crocop made no excuse etc. about his loss was against Fedor

You mean he made excuses about his Gonzaga and Randleman losses???

Fedor couldn't even finish Crocop

"Fedor couldn't even finish Crocop"

I know, right?! He sucks!

Crocop looked timid against fedor.

"Fedor fought not to lose against Crocop."

  • Yeah, pressing the action, stalking Cro Cop STANDING in order to wear him down and set him up for the takedowns was fighting "not to lose."

Who was the one utterly exhausted and defeated by the end of that fight?

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Fedor would beat the crap out of all the contenders on the scene right now.

It wouldn't even be close.

"just like Fedor will be after 3-4 Brock Lesnar rabbit punches."

Sometimes I wish U were just joking.

I just watched Brock beat that tomato can of a fighter, and U think after that he can beat the best pnd for pnd fighter in the world.

Crocop didn't admit that Nogueira armbarred him fair and square?

don't play - where are those videos coming from? they are hilarious!

got them off youtube look at my thread titled FUNNY VIDEOS(must see)

Crocop after Nog - "he used to ropes to prevent reversal"

Crocop after Kevin - "I slipped on a pipe back stage"

Crocop after Gonzaga - "I didn't train elbows"

Crocop after Fedor - "The better fighter won".

cool thanks.