Thoughts on Jens Pulver's Book...

Gotta say I was very impressed. I got into it so much that it took me less than a day to finish it. (This included time reading at work when my boss was gone, and reading through a few college classes as well.)

Not only was it a very cool behind the scenes look at MMA, the story of Jen's life was very powerfull by itself. I had no idea that places like the one he grew up in actually existed.

It's the best new book I've read this year, along with "Counting Coup". Check it out if you get the chance. Just my 2c.


Makes me getting the occasional belt across the ass look like a picnic. TTT for a guy overcoming what alot of other people could not.

You hear a lot of people complain about their "rough childhood", but what Jens had to go through is unbelievable. I think you're right that most of us wouldn't be able to survive half of what he did.

I've been looking for a copy, but haven't had any luck finding one yet. Where did you buy it?

I had Borders order one for me, but you could get it through also. I've seen alot of other MMA books in the stores around here, but for some reason I couldn't find "Little Evil" in stock anywhere.

Yeah, I'll probably get Borders to order it for me.

I am definately looking forward to reading his story.

I'm looking forward to reading this as well. Jens is very inspirational.


TTT for Jens, I've been in those shoes Jens, and not many of us come out normal. Must be the fighter in us.

I loved the book, great read. TTT for Jens ' Lil' Evil 'Pulver.

Good point MatthewAFA, I know i wasn't one of them.

GREAT book. Finished it in less than a day because I was so into it. I really have so much more respect now for Jens "Little Evil" Pulver.

TTT for Jens.


I didn't make fun of Jens after crying, but I have to admit that there is a part of me that always questions an athlete who does something like that. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you wonder if they are being a little over-emotional.

But after reading "Little Evil", I have a new respect for what Jens has accomplished. I think I will be a little less quick to judge anyone, because as the book shows, you really never know where someone else is coming from...

Got a copy ordered along with the UK version of NHB Evolution, from amazon uk. Can't wait to read it.

Awesome book. get it on-line at The first page just hooked me and I couldn't stop reading it. Wonder where his old man is now.

I finished the book in one day also.I cant say how bad i felt for him.He is trully an amazing person to overcome such a childhood.I am going to give the book for others to read because I feel that people need to realize how good they have had it.

One last TTT for anyone who hasn't heard about the book yet...

I had Borders order one for me. They said they had sold out by the time I got around to buying one.