Thoughts on NAGA CHICAGO

All I can say is WOW! (Mini Frat)

I have read a lot of moans about the event, please let me give my thoughts on this event.

Long lines yes, not a big deal. The location at first looked like it would be big enough. That is till the event got underway. It was pack, So could they get a bigger location or break it up into 2 day, for sure. They guys said this out loud many time and I am sure they will stick to that.

Anytime you get 1600 plus competitors in any kind of event, be it BJJ or be it.. ping pong it will be a long day. so get used to it if your going to compete.

The talent was very good in fact I was really blown away! This time I was able to be there as a coach and enjoy watching the divisions. I can say I really liked watching and meeting all the great people that make competition and training in BJJ a lot of fun.

I felt the ref's were fair and from where I was standing made good calls alomost all the time. I seen some people or student or coached trying to get the ref to make change calls and even being some what disrespectful. That to me was a little sour. Let the refs do their jobs and keep in mind EVERYONE IS HUMAN and do make mistakes.

Now for what I think was the most top notch out standing display of the day, just for me. One ring made a mistake, the ref told a competitor his division was on the other side of the mat. Well it was not.

The competitor was at the right place. The ref was wrong and Kirik came over to defuse the drama from the competitor.

Kirik went right into action to make it right. He built a divsion right on the spot to make this guy happy(casue he was not, bad attitude for sure)and also said I will refund your money and still you can compete in this quick division.

The ref manned up and said it was his mistake and Kirik was understanding and made it right and did not put him down in any way shape or form. I was very impressed with the composer of the ordeal. So even at a BJJ event I learned a few thing that was not even in the sport but more on the event side. Naga thanks for the event and see you in September!


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I wasn't to upset about the wait. My first match wasn't even until 10:30 PM. It's tough to schedule anything when you don't know how many competitors are going to be there.

That being said... As a masters competitor I would be fine with competing on Sunday to make things easier. Make them 2 day events, please. Have all adult divisions on Saturday with kids Sunday morning and women, masters and above Sunday afternoon.

Also... NAGA has been around long enough and tournament after tournament they get facilities that have absolutely no spectator seating or room for the competitors to comfortably sit while waiting. They make a crap load of money and can afford better venues. Families and friends want to see the competition.

And after all that... See you in September!

 The next NAGA Chicago will be a two-day event, without a doubt. If ths one had been two day, would have been done with the kids by 3 or so on Sunday, and adults at 6 or so.

Huge respect to an amazing group of Midwest competitors, and huge respect to the NAGA staff for keeping every ring running from start to finish.

anyone know where i can see results for novice 225lb?

I fucked up my foot a week ago, and was disappointed I couldn't compete.

I waited until 11:30pm to fight which was a bit much. The tournament reminded me of how the Arnold's used to be ran. I never waited so long a the Naga's before.  Shouldn't upper belts get to fight before those damn white belts? 
The fact that there were no fans, air conditioning and ventilation was also pretty dangerous considering there were so many children running around, though I would never bring a baby/toddler an event with so many people. I did laugh when the air kicked in at 10:30pm though.
There was no consistency in terms of fight registration. I am referring specifically to fighting in both Adult and Masters. When registering with the British man I was told I was not permitted to fight in both Masters and Adult, yet 3 other competitors I know were permitted to do so. Not being able to compete in both makes no sense to me and the inconsistency is really frustrating considering I've done both in the past. I didn't argue though as that British guy is pretty nice and he always seems to be the guy that ends up registering me.
However, it was nice to see such a turnout of so many top competitors and I send a HUGE thank you to all the staff and refs who spent their whole day there helping move the event along. I agree that there is a right way and wrong way to discuss disagreements w/refs. Though I thought all the refs did an amazing job.
My only request is to please add all weight divisions to the purple belt category. As a 139 pounder, I lack the technique to hang with 155, but I'm working on it. = D
Congrats to Team Carlson Gracie for a phenomenal turn out and performance. OOoossss!!!

 TTT for results.

How were the womens divisions? My wife thought about competing but we forgot all about it. Maybe at the next one?

I love NAGA I did 4 the last year but competing at 10:30 or 11:30 at night that is completely unacceptable!

I did the last show in Providence and I didn't get on the mat until 7:30 at night. 9 1/2 hours of waiting around, not knowing when to warm up it was horrible. For that I gave up a weekend of work, drove 10+ hours round trip and paid out over $300 for registration, hotels and gas. Not worth it!

Like I said I love NAGA and will continue to do as many as I can IF they can iron out these issues. At the Providence show they still were doing mostly kids divisions at 2-3 in the afternoon. They can do better!

Is NAGA ever coming back to California?

Props to NAGA for getting on the ball and really understanding the issues people are having.

Good guys in my book!