Three Legit Judo Organizations?

In a reply to an earlier post of mine, someone alluded to "the three legit judo sanctioning bodies in the U.S.". Who are these three legit sanctioning bodies? Which one (if any) is primarily vested with the responsibility of overseeing the whole process of the Olympic and World trials?


USJI is the one that tends to be most involved(almost solely)in the international Judo scene. Although personally, I truly love the USJA.

I hope this helps some. Also, CF, go to this site and it may help answer some of your other questions without having to wait for replies...

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the JI is the NGB (national governing body). they are the only organization that is able to rank athletes nationally, deal with international events and set the standards by which the JF and JI much confirm to.

the JA and JF are called group-A members of the USJI. that means they are set-up in such a manner that they are focused more on developing the players so that they can eventually feed into the JI.

people will tell you the JA or JF is better.. its a personal choice on that. my whole life ive only been a JI member, but thats becuase im a competitior first and foremost. only USJI membership will be accepted at every tournament you ever want to fight in anywhere in the world.