Throw Everything Full Power?

Should one throw everything full power? In the Rob Kaman Instructional, he says to always do this.

But Ive also heard from other people to mix in some soft shots with hard shots. This can surprise ur opponent.

For example you could throw soft 1-2 to the body and then explode with a hard left hook to the head; kinda like ur saving ur power for the end on that one hard left hook.


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Depends on the circumstances....

When you are training on a heavy bag or on pads, you should often be working as close to 100% as you are able for conditioning and developing your power.

When you are sparring, you SHOULD DEFINITELY NOT be training at 100%, or you're going to hurt someone, or hurt yourself.

When you are fighting, its all a matter of what you're trying to do. If you go at 100% all the time, you're going to fatigue quickly. You want to hit hard, but you can't constantly be "swinging for the fences". There are times to hit full power, and there are times you merely want to get your hands in their face. There are times you may only need a 1/2 power strike to acheive the desired result....

EXAMPLE: Push Kick

If you throw a full power Push Kick all the time, you are completely negating the effectiveness of this strike. The Push Kick is often employed in MuayThai (and other fighting sports) as a lead-in to striking combination. But if you land a full power Push Kick right from the get go, you're likely to knock your opponent out of your reach and nullify the more effective follow up.

There are tons of examples like this.....

Thanks guys

I used to try and throw full power at all times while hitting the pads and stuff, then felt like I didn't have a very dynamic style because as many people have already said, it's hard to fight at 100% at all times. Plus, if the point of my 1-2 is to set up a big hook, the 1-2 doesn't really need to be full power.

I could see this thread turning into an argument between dutch and thai style.