throwing knives

Does anyone have any good tips on how to throw a knife?

can someone give me the quote from that SF guy who was asked about throwing knives.

something like, 'don't throw your knife.'


I always thought tactical knife throwing was a Hollywood myth like dim mak. However throwing knives can be a pretty fun game. I would suggest getting a really cheap set of ninja throwing knives, sharpen them up and start chucking them at soft wood targets or cardboard boxes. You'll figure out how to judge distance and rotation to get them to stick. Don't buy an expensive set because it is only a matter of time before you break or lose them.

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Throwing knives can be a used tactically to close the gap or get a reaction from your opponent. The "myth" is you will kill your opponent on the first shot. That is not the intention(although it can happen). Any projectile can be thrown, while you are entering, drawing or opening your primary blade.

If you neglect the practice of throwing, it will not enter your tactical repetoire, so practice!

Good throwers can be found everywhere! I use SKS bayonets, Rigid, and Cold Steel throwers, but also use 6 penny nails or larger, bicycle spokes(indoor) and a variety of other items as well. I wrote a short throwing piece on the Sayoc Forum as well.


Guro Steve

Robert just wants them to stick trees and scare squirrels here on campus.

No i want to kill the squirrels on campus for food. I dont have the money to buy food so I figure i will hunt it.

Anyone know if there are any good books on the subject?

Vassiliev on his tape says, that for up to 5 meters you can throw with no rotation. you need to throw the knife from overhead, but with no wrist (dont rotaet the knife, just slide it out of your hand). ALso, twist your hip, like yore throwing a cross.

I'm only starting as well, but It even works with a kitchen knife.

Yeah I have been practicing and I am getting pretty good. I have 4 different distances that I can stick the from pretty consistently. Its not as hard as I thought.

I used to work in a knife store in a mall, we were not busy most of the time, so we would set up boxes and throw is surprising how good you can get if you practice.

Yeh but ive heard its very hard to judge distance/speed on a moving enemy, hence making it unlikely the blade will land where you want or even point first.

not true, i hit my dog almost every time.

you know whats easy as hell to learn to throw and is usefull for cutting wood with, a hatchet. I've masterd throwing a hatchet with some of my friends. I can hit moving targets up to 15feet and still targets up to about thirty. Just call me chief rain in the face. (just joking don't actualy call me that)

Just curious. How do you know if you're good at throwing at a moving target? Do you have volunteers who let you throw knives/hatchets while they're running from you? This question doesn't apply to the guy who throws knives at his dog!!!

In response to that I will throw things my brother drops of my deck its kindof hard to exsplain but yeah he will drop it of the deck witch is about fiften feet off the ground and I will throw at it once its at about my hight.


Captain Caveman- To practice on a moving target, first use simulated throwing implements on a real person. These could include rubber trainers, chopsticks, tennis balls etc. For real throwers, make a moving target operated on a pulley system. I use to have one that ran about 25 - 30 feet, made our of wood on a rope and pulley. Just give it a tug and it would start moving. Also, I have used a moving deer target at a local sportsman club, as well. A caveat: It doesn't always matter if you stick the projectile into your opponent! You want to gain a moment to escape or enter, you will definitely cause your opponent to do something when a projectile is heading his way!

Guro Steve L.

Thanks for clarifying that. I was curious as to how that might work. Recently, I wanted to take up the hobby of throwing knives as a hand/eye coordination drill. I would be surprised if anybody would be prepared to stand there with a projectile heading their way! Guro Steve, I noticed your mention of Sayoc below your name. Would you know how to get in touch with one of his instructors listed on his website? In the list of instructors, it doesn't seem to give you the ability to contact them.

Hello CC.

Please let me know who you are trying to contact, and I'll send them your information. There are many of the Senior Full Instructors, and Instructors that are not teaching or taking in new students, so your best bet will be to contact the Instructors who have active classes or schools listed on the main page. LEt me know what I can do to help you out.

Guro Steve L.

Hello Guro Steve. Thanks for your help with this. The fellow I'm looking for his Joe Apostle. I've met him before but don't have his contact info. If you could pass on my e-mail address, it is:

There is a very established school that I have access to but there appears to be a fair amount of politics that have to be followed to train there. I would prefer to avoid this type of situation and my impression from talking to Joe is that he also feels this way. If you could pass that on, then it would greatly be appreciated.

Hello CC,

Sorry for the delay. I will contact Joe A. and send him your information. He should be contacting you soon.

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