Thxs from Aristeia!!

Aristeia wants to thank everyone over this past year for their support(you know who you are). Scott and I first year has been nothing but a learning curve and we still learn something new all the time. Thanks go out to our fighters Chad Hamzeh, "Pain" Peters, and espicially Ivan Menjivar. Without Ivan Menjivar there would have been no Aristeia Management. He took a big chance in signing with a couple of unknown and inexperienced managers but if you were to talk to Ivan today he is quite happy with his choice.

We have some big things planned for 2005 and looking to sign new fighters as well.

Big thanks from me to Scott Scrosati. Although you are my business parnter I consider you as one of my brothers. We had great laughs this year and I have a funny feeling 2005 will bring many more.


Best wishes to you and Scott !!

This will be the only post I don't harass Nathan with

You better save it...


Menjivar 2005 'To-Do' List:

  1. Win ADCC Absolute
  2. Fight handicap match in PrideFC against Bob Sapp & Akebone. Win by simulatneous TKO & Sub.
  3. Win K1 Grand Prix using only left leg.
  4. Make final 10 in Canadian Idol (win in 2006).
  5. Beat Caramilk secret out of Cadbury.
  6. Eat like a mofo so I can weigh as much as JHR's head.
  7. Cure common cold.

Nathan likes that list !!

ttt for a classy group of guys

Killer TAT, bro !!!

I thought for a second it was Colangelo's !

ttt 4 aristeia!

I believe 'Thanks' should also go out to you two cats for bringing another calibre of integrity to the fight game.

Us Three know what 2005 will bring...:)

Showdown Joe 2005 'To Do' List:

  1. Take delivery of custom made, Italian silk, 3-piece Jiu-Jitsu kimono.
  2. Finalize plans for wing-tip wrasslin shoes
  3. Hold Showdowns in Toronto, Ottawa/Hull, Montreal, and Nunavut
  4. Figure out how to announce, color, ref, MC, and fight (as both opponents in all matches) all at same time
  5. Convince wife those free buffets are really cheapest lunches in Montreal
  6. Have MMA legalized in Ontario
  7. Have debtor beatings legalized in Ontario
  8. Learn secret of them tasty McDonald's deli sammiches. (Soop-erb!)

Merry christmas Nathan and Scott!

Nathan you were more help to me than you can imagine this year with me getting our commission passed and although I have not had the pleasure of dealing with you guys first hand I am definitely looking forward to having you guys out on our fight cards.

Thank you

Jason Darrah

LOL @ Rene.r

Its been a pleasure to deal with both Aristeia guys and we look forward to a long relationship with their team.

Thank you Nathan!

You're an indispensable part of the equation and a great friend.

Special thanks to all fighters on our roster.
We also have some who are less known at the present time but we
hope you have the pleasure of discovering them as they should
compete more often in the coming year or make their debuts.
If they are on our team, it's because we have complete faith in
their potential. The Aristeia website should be completed with
more details soon!

Thanks JHR and Dougie for making the forum a more enjoyable
place. JHR, I'm looking forward to seeing you again.
Dougie, I hope to meet you some day soon.

Thanks to all promoters we had the pleasure of working with
whether the fights happened or not.

Everybody at the UFC, Bill and the XFC, Jason Towns of WFF and
especially APEX and the great work they are doing to add a breath
of fresh air to the MMA scene. We would look forward to working
with you again soon as well as having the pleasure of meeting
many others.

Jason (Evolution), we are always willing to help out in any way
possible and look forward to your Event.

Thanks to all here who support us and our fighters and who take
the time to let us know. It means alot!

As Nathan and others have hinted at, we aren't going anywhere
and we will be working harder not only to help our fighters but
the sport of MMA in Canada as well... more to come!

Happy holidays to all my UG brothers and to your families!


Thank you BSF!!

"the abscence of team sappfans thank you has been noted"

fuck. I literally spit coffee all over my desk... lol

Scott, if we meet, you better not deny I am your child or I will go ballistic!

Dougie, you won't meet a nicer more knowledgable guy.

'Cause you've already met me... ;)


I am still seeing a therapist after meeting you.

She's hawt.