Tibau cuts over 28 pounds in the last 72 hours



- Tibau came with characteristic good mood, without showing any concern for who has to lose 13kg in the next 72 hours. "It will be hard, but it will give, as usual," said Potiguar betting on a fight night with Dunhan. "He is tough and also fight forward. Fans can expect a great fight, "said the athlete from ATT, coming off a win over Massaranduba.

that cant be healthy

Fuck, is he still alive?

tibau vs. caol uno

So he probably walks around near 195 if he's almost 185 at the end of a training camp.. damn Phone Post

Yeah, we've known this for awhile. He said he is 183 on fight night.

Over 200 when at gym I bet Phone Post

Fuck... pick on someone your own size and with the same number of functioning kidneys.

Its been known for a while...look at the guy in the cage! Abel looked like a big dude too. Have them fight it out for biggest guy at 155!
Was really impressed with Abel too. Tibau is a solid test for him too, maybe too big a jump for him in comp? Phone Post

he says 15 kg here = 33 lbs

12.87 litres of water.


That is absolutely disgusting.

That's gonna catch up with him some day, maybe Saturday.... Who's he fighting? Phone Post

Lol at weight classes.

he gets smashed at welterweight

devilishstoner - Lol at weight classes.

Ultimate Weightcutting Championship


9ersKAEPedmyfudgehole - that cant be healthy

My wife is a dialysis nurse, she said he could easily end up in the hospital with organ failure. Phone Post

I saw him in person at ATT and didn't recognize him. I was 6'0" and 218 at the time and he wasn't smaller than me, not significantly anyway. Phone Post