Tickets for Affliction Question???

Just wondering, anyone who has experience at The Pond in Anaheim, what tickets will it be worth buying for the Affliction show? The 100 dollar tickets are way upper deck, the 200 ones seem to be pretty close, little closer than mid level. Tickets went on sale today and I want to go, just wondering what is going to be worth the money?


I went to Ufc Reality Check that was at the pond (now the honda center) the $400 tix are awesome it sat me at 208 row n.

I also recomend Kings fish house right down the street, good eating and good drinks for a good price.

If you have the coin, spend it. Its a great time just to be there, but the closer you get, the better the vibe is, not to mention the obvious(closer to fights).

I've been way back, and way close, as long as you've never been close, you'll enjoy yourself, but once you get up close, you'll have a harder time being in the nosebleed section.


I balked at putting down a hundred because people were saying that those tix are too far back to be worth it. The 200 hundred dollar ticket is tempting. Very interested to see how this event sells

Thanks for the info. I am leaning toward the 200 dollar tix at the moment, they look like pretty decent seats. TTT if anyone has any more info.