Tie/Setup Question

I'll try to paint an accurate picture here, guys. Let me know if I fail. Let's suppose my right arm has a solid collar tie on my opponent. My left arm and his right arm are switching back and forth with inside control, wrist control, etc. My opponent's left arm, instead of hanging on my right bicep, is coming all the way over on my throat, where he's practically grabbing my left trapezius muscle.

I'm not sure if this is common, but I've found that the position of his left hand foils a lot of my shot attempts. Do any of you have any ideas about how to shoot from here, what shots will work, or should I work until the tie is more favorable, e.g., double bicep tie, etc.?

Any tips are appreciated.

My advice is to get the hell out of the collar tie. I really don't like the collar tie since you just tend to bind yourself up (like what is happening to you). The only thing I like to do there is a snap down. If you aren't going to snap him, then go to another tie.

I agree with Chip, don't like hanging out in a collar tie, but it can be used to get in contact with your opponent to develop some offense.

Having said this, here are some options from this position:

We call his tie an "overtie" since he ties up "over" your collar tie. His elbow must be far away from his side on that side. A slide by technique to that side or duck under should work.

You can also hit "snatch" single (split leg single) on his overtie side by blocking his overtie with your collar tie arm, lowering your level and grabbing his left knee.

When using a "snatch" single do not go to the ground with your knee. Only snatch his knee with both hands and immediately back up 4-5 steps to secure a standing single leg. Adjust your lock to a palm grip & finish with any of the multiple standing single finishes.

Just a couple of suggestions for you.

Good luck!


What do you prefer then, Chip? Double inside control is great, but it's sort of hard to get, especially with a good wrestler like my training partner.

I guess that leaves double and single underhooks and single overhooks with my head in the pocket?

Thanks for the advice, btw.

Well, keep in mind that you don't *need* to get in a tie-up, right? You can just "stick 'n move" - banging his head, pushing, pulling, snapping, circling, just keep moving and banging away at him.

Having said that, if you really do want to tie up, then yes, I like inside ties, or a single underhook (and a wrist on the other side, or inside tie on the other side, or...), double underhooks are great, and also russians (a.k.a. Two on Ones) are great and, in my opinion, one of the most under-used tie ups in wrestling (and even MMA for that matter).

Is that helpful at all?

Thanks for the info guys. The only reason I tie up with this guy is because he has a fast low single from non-contact position. I'm bigger and slower so I try to slow him down.

CK, I break his tie up doing what you said; I haven't really stuck the Russian yet, but I'm close.

Thanks again!