Tigre Branco Fight Gear

I have just received the first shipment of my new fight gear.
The Line is called Tigre Branco and includes,
Blue and white embroidered Gi's, MMA Gloves, Boxing Gloves, Thai Pads, Leather Shin Guards, Leather Headgear with Plexi cage, hand wraps, Grappling Shorts, Rashguards, Ankle supports, Skipping ropes and white , blue and purple BJJ belts complete with grading bar.
We are in the process of Loading pics on the website www.bjj.ca and the prices are very reasonable.

The gis are very dashing. Julian couldn't keep his hands off Mark when he was wearing it!

It's great gear..the gloves are SWEET!


Buy this stuff, or someone will kick you in the nutz!

but the beauty of it is I sell steel cups too.



My nutz need no kicking!

Dougie lies!

Boog! Stop kicking me in the nutz! I may actually use them again some day you know!

More lies! He can't stop himself!

Boog, MSN me, you need the Bas Rutten Re-Mix.


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Tigre Branco Fight Gear