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..since I'm only allowed in there if I'm sober :-(

Tim Hortons serves up some controversy

'No Drunken Indians Allowed' joke at Alberta outlet no laughing matter
for surrounding aboriginal groups


From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

May 30, 2007 at 4:44 AM EDT

CALGARY - - A boycott is brewing at Canada's iconic coffee and doughnuts
chain after a sign that declared "No Drunken Indians Allowed" was taped
to a drive-through window at a Tim Hortons [THI-T] outlet in Southern

The company, which says the poster was an ill-conceived joke placed by a
teenage staff member at a Lethbridge location last week, is fielding
complaints from aboriginal people, who are now calling for a ban on the
popular eateries.

"Please do not purchase from these stores," noted an e-mail that is
circulating among members of native communities. "It might not make a
big impact on their profits, but at least it will let them know that
these [types] of discriminatory acts will not be tolerated."

The e-mail urges people to call the company's head office to complain
about the "offensive" sign, which a number of people already have, and
to forward the e-mail to as many other aboriginals as possible. It has
also made its way - several times over - to corporate headquarters in
Oakville, Ont.

"This is not something we tolerate and it is not reflective of Tim
Hortons," Rachel Douglas, a company spokeswoman, said yesterday of the
sign. "For any offence, I extend my sincerest apologies."

Ms. Douglas first heard about the controversy on Friday after receiving
a complaint.

The teenage staff member has been suspended from a number of shifts and
she was educated about the company's harassment policy. The teen, who is
not aboriginal, apologized to two employees who are members of native
bands, and the outlet's owner sent a letter of regret to the nearby
Blood Tribe.

"I think it was one of those youthful things where she just didn't
realize and she was made very aware of her actions and the consequences
and was very remorseful," Ms. Douglas said. "We decided it was in her
best interests - and a learning experience - that we didn't terminate,
but she has been disciplined and reprimanded."

I am refraining from drinking any Tim Hortons coffee for the next few weeks to Protest ( for my friend that is a spitting imagine of Chris Kelly)

They probably do see a lot of drunks though.

The sign should just read, No Drunks will be served

aw come on, this is a top notch spin you guys! And on the Canadian forum no less. Not even one score, you guys suck!

Crazyhook, I'm going to get a chris kelly jersey, did you see his interview after the game last night? lol!

As a Native Canadian, I find "No Drunk Indian" signs funny....however it would be funnier if it was written on a broken treaty.