Tim "MOAB" Stout meets Cam 12/10

Team Oxendine will be bringing 5 of it's best to Evolution Promotions' MMA card on December 10 in Valdosta, GA. Headlining the card will be the one punch knockout phenom Tim "MOAB" Stout taking on ISCF Pro US Champion Cam McHargue (Team Praxis). In his first pro fight Ian Boxhorn(Oxendine) will take on veteran fighter Shaun Gay(Valdosta MMA). Also on this card will be James Hagan, Justin Gore, and "The Laughin Assassin" Jay Page. Anyone interested in coming to the fights, please email Evolutionpromos@hotmail.com. This is shaping up to be an unbelievable card that you won't want to miss. Casey Oxendine-Team Oxendine/Helio Soneca

He was showing that Boxhorn fights for his team. He showed which teams the opponents fought for as well.

TTT for a good card.

Hey Shaun, I'm trying to get in touch with Josh Pelfry, but his email isn't working. Can you shoot me that address?

Thanks ETL, the Weasel definately earned my respect.

Does anyone know how to get in contact with Sean Gay? He contacted me and said he would be living in Gainesville for a while and wanted to train with my team but then never showed up. I wanted to contact him to make sure if he was still in town he knew how to get a hold of us so he can train!

Good luck to everyone.


(sorry, just talking to myself!!!)

Good luck to all the fighters!





I really have not seem Tim Stout fight before but from what I hear he is an extremely dangerous individual. At 170 I dont see anyone besides the guys having a win vs. cam and even then I think cam could beat most top guys so based on that I'll pick cam. That said, it should be a great fight.

As always bro we are all behind you guys 100% and hope you all have great fights.

All the guys that I have had the chance to meet are class act talanted fighters. I just wish this show wasnt so close to x-mas or I would be there to cover it. :(

Maybe next time.


I'm going with Tim Stout but then I'm a little biased. Anyway, good luck Tim!

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Thats not fair at all :(

Why do I have a browse button to look for pics in the pro html editor if it cant be used?




Good luck Tim.