Tim Sylvia Quote:

"I hope Randy doesn't think he's going to get me with those leg trips this time"

                                                                         -Tim Sylvia/Former UFC HW champ  

NO, no man.

The best one was "Randy's 43, I'm 30". I kept thinking "Yeah and Tito said 'No 40 year old is going to beat me'"

or how about "Randy has a tough time with great strikers and big men. I'm the best of both."

I almost wanted to puke every time I heard that.

"How can they say I didn't try and finish the fight with Munson when I came out of there without a scratch".

Not sure what one has to do with the other.

I just cringe whenever he says, "I WILL knock his ass out."

Latest quote from Tim in Columbus="Man, my fucking eye hurts."

Don't like Sylvia - never liked Sylvia because he's an arrogant ass - rooted for Randy all the way.

last quote from Sylvia, "I came in with an injury... i fell off my moped, too many grasshoppers."

"How can they say I didn't try and finish the fight with Monson when I came out of there without a scratch."

LOL Did he really say this???

That's hilarious. I don't think he is understanding the issue....


I really thing Tim is delusional and doesn't get it.

"He had a torn bicep, a torn pectoral, he was a wreck. His face was messed up, he couldn't see, he had to have someone lead him around like a seeing eye dog."

And yet you still didn't/couldn't finish him. That's why most people think you didn't push the pace of that fight. Not to mention Monson was gassed as well.

^^^^^^ exactly.....and he finished it off by saying "at the end of night, i walked away with the belt...plain and simple" ..... how does that not sound like he is protecting the belt

big tim was a legend in his own mind,but not on my time........