Tim Sylvia vs Pride.

People I want you to look seriously at the Pride Grand Prix that took place and take the Heavy Weights only and tell me that Tim Sylvia could beat any of them. The best fight he would have is with James "The Collosul" Thompson both would just start throwing until someone went down, but I can not see ANYONE else on this list he would have a prayer in hell against. The list includes Fedor, Fujita, Yoshida, Big Nogueria, Cro Cop, Josh Barnett, Allistar Overeem, and Fabricio Werdum who's striking has improved so much and he is a BJJ master probably #2 behind Big Nog. This list does not include Kartoniv who would destroy him or Coleman or Sho Gun who I feel Coleman matches up well against him and Sho Gun tornado on his butt. I Honestly think the best fight for Tim Sylvia with someone in Pride would be against Giant Silva. That would be an epic battle, huge draw on pay per view. Andre A is the only UFC HW that could fight and beat some of these guys and I still would rank him 8 or 9 on the list. I do agree on any given night in this division one punch changes everything, but these guys have 2 advantages over AA and Tim they have very strong jaws and can take alot of punishment, and they can all go to the ground.


Tim would destroy Giant Silva.

Tom vs Tim would be an excellent fight, anything can happen in that one, hard call. I would bet on Thompson, he has to be as powerful as Tim, and he has more speed and I think technique.

As for the rest, top 8 in the tournament, Tim is going to lose against them: Fedor down to Fujita.

By the way I am a huge UFC fan I do not like to go against any of those guys but facts are facts. For the record I am PRO UFC but I also look at things for what they are.

I am so happy to see someone that agrees. The final 8 NO ONE on that list could Tim Sylvia beat. NO ONE.

It would be interesting to see how Tim would do in a Pride heavyweight grand prix. I think he could beat one or two of the guys listed, but he doesn't have the talent to beat the top guys. Giant Silva would get beat by just about any 155lb fighter alive today and I don't need to see him fight any more, much less against some one like Sylvia.

I read on another thread that someone that must be pretty close to Sylvia because he seemed to take this pretty personally saying that Sylvia could beat evry one of the Pride HW listed except Fedor. I also was joking about Sylvia Silva being a good fight, Tim would destroy him.

Does ANYONE here believe Sylvia will retain his title in July against Andre?

Fedor, Nogueria and Yoshida would just submit him.

Hunt, Crocop and Fujita would brawl with him. Any one of them will KO Tim. Tim has no chance of KOing Hunt or Fujita and Crocop is just too good for Tim.

Now if Zensov(sp?) or Tom was in the final 8, then Tim would have a chance against them.

I don't think Tim can beat Werdum either. Werdum will submit him.

I think Tim Is going to knock Andre out again!!!!!!!
I have met both in Vegas and Andre may look like a body builder.........but Silvia is the "MANIAC".

"FER SURE" talking in crazy slang voice

lol at you dipshits

sylvias made a career out sedning guys into la-la-land that were supposed to kill him without breaking a sweat

outside of crocop, fedor and nog the pride heavys are untested and or lacking

and please stop bringing up "the colossus"... it makes this board lose credibility

Tom has as much skill as Tim.

Go watch their matches.

It just amazes me that people like entreri can have so much hate for someone they don't even know.

What is up with that?

It's not a bad thing you don't find the big lug attractive man, there's plenty of other topless dudes for you to look at.

"Does ANYONE here believe Sylvia will retain his title in July against Andre?"


Look Pulsar, I am telling it like it is. If you can't handle the truth, too bad.

pwned ^

Sylvia is a good fighter. Don't get me wrong. But he would have a hard time in Pride. His standup skills are not great. His ground skills are questionable. Almost EVERY Pride fighter is pretty well rounded. I'd love to see the Maniac v Erickson or Feder's big ass brother, or even Minutaro. Tim would have alot of problems with no cage and very well rounded fighters to deal with.

Every UFC HW is either untested or lacking.

Yeah Tim beat Andrei and Ricco Rodriguez. Ricco's best victory was over a very undersized Randy Couture. Andrei has a glass jaw, and has been KO'd at least four times in MMA in his relatively short career.

Josh Barnett, Aleks Emalienenko, Fujita, Cro Cop, Fedor, Minotauro and Yoshida would all beat Tim Sylvia.

Tim went the distance and had a close fight with Ausserio Silva... who wasn't even in Pride's top 10.

Whatever, have your little gaggle then.

Tim hits harder, has a better chin, and better conditioning than James Thompson, so he would definitely have beaten either James or Fujita. He also obviously would have beaten Nishijima and Zuluzinho. So there's four guys he'd have beaten without a doubt in my mind.

Josh took a billion of Aleks' best shots without even flinching, so I'm sure Tim could; and Tim wouldn't have the reach problem Josh kept having (and he hits harder, though not faster).

Could Yoshida close the distance on a guy who's 6'8" with a good jab and decent wrestling defense? Beats me.

Obviously Nog would beat Sylvia. I'd pick Barnett over him as well, although on the other hand, Barnett had a hell of a time with Schilt in their last fight, and Tim is a lot harder to take down than Semmy.

Alistair/Werdum -- beats me. Both those guys are kind of hot/cold and Tim wouldn't have much of a reach advantage.

Conclusion: Sylvia would have made for good fights with any of those guys and I would not hesitate to pick him over AT LEAST four of them.

yes he will beat arlovski again, and yes he would MURDER james thompson in less than a round.

give the guy his due credit.

he may not be able to hang with fedor cause fedor is very fast standing up, and WOULD be able to take tim down and finish him.

Nog would not have an easy time at all....trust me.

I think my man Mark Hunt would KO tim.
Tim and Crocop would be the most interesting matchup IMO.