Time for Ontario Politicians To Come Clean on AMMA

Now that the 2014 Ontario Provincial Election has been triggered, now is the time for Ontario’s political parties to lay out their plans to address the legislative gap making many amateur combat sports illegal in the Province.

To date the Government has been, to put it kindly, vague in identifying their plans to address this situation. With an election looming I am optimistic more detailed responses will be forthcoming. I have posed the below question to the Ontario NDP, Liberal Party and Progressive Conservatives. I will update this article as each party offers their reply.

“Currently many Ontario residents who practice non-Olympic amateur martial arts are violating section 83 of the Criminal Code. Ontario has been slow to address this legislative gap which became prominent when the Federal Government passed Bill S-209 last year. Is it your Party’s position that these individuals activities should remain criminal? If not, what plans, if any, does your Party have in addressing this situation?“

As I am not an Ontario resident the Parties may not see any urgency in addressing my inquiry. For this reason, I encourage as many Ontario residents as possible to pose the same question to each political party courting your vote.

Hah hah, well that's a nice idea (making AMMA an election topic), but I'm pretty sure they'll be talking about one of the scandals from the Liberal spectrum of corruption. If you're bored and need something entertaining, google for "billion dollar gas plant scandal" or "Orange helicopter scandal".

True, but politicians court votes and actually respond to questions when doing so. If a critical mass of voters can press the issue there is potential for change. Phone Post 3.0

I know it's lame to bump my own thread but a quick bump hoping to motivate Ontario residents to pressure political parties for change. Phone Post 3.0