Tips on YouTube and UFC copyright

Hey guys. I want to start making videos breaking down fighters techniques. Does anybody have any experience dealing with this without getting a copyright strike?

Historically I think they've claimed copyright on random fans on twitter and on the gracie's breaking down Rhonda's armbar showing a 7 second clip of the move. 

There's a bunch of stuff on YouTube right now that isn't claimed though, some of it is completing ripping the UFC content with a random guy commentating over the top. 

I spoke to this guy on another forum, he said the UFC claimed this video; 


But he counter claimed and won. There are other cases where they have been more strict. 

Somebody else might know more than me. If you are going to make a video showing some of the footage from the fights can really make a difference but at the same time you risk the chance of your channel getting whacked. 


Look up fair use. That's what you're aiming for, something transformative that doesn't harm their product. 

How MMA Promo Guy gets away with his videos I do not know. Just top 5 lists and footage of UFC.