Titan Games 6/18 - 6/20

The Titan Games are here in Atlanta this wknd. Will there be any forum brothers be there?

Let me know.

i am the elite athlete accompaniment coordinator. sounds like an overrated pimp to me, but, hey, i get a free t-shirt for it.


Hey Familiman, I am trying to make it out there Saturday night, should be great!

fatbuddha is showing up? I think this is the guy that i had the argument with.. i am looking forward to seeing u there

Don't remember the argument, hope nothing too serious.

Adam FatBuddha trains with us at the dojo.

What exactly are you doing as the accompaniment coordinator? See if you can get an extra shirt.

By the way Mark will be fighting.


i am not exactly sure what i am doing... nick goodly asked for me to help. i will work on that shirt for u for sure.

Don't cheat Goldmedal....I'll see you guys tonight.....I'll be sitting somewhere near the ceiling.

Thanks Adam....


USA won every match. If I'm not mistaken all by ippon.

Taraje threw his opponet with an awesome Te-Guruma
Rick Hawn had an awesome throw, Jimmy Pedro killed his guy......You should have seen him on the TV monitor....the guy looked scared!!!!! Brian Olson man handled his opponet be fore he threw him. Mark Fletcher went in for an o uchi gari, his opponet tried to counter and went flying. He threw him with an uchi mata. All of the women did very well....Rhonda Rousey looked like she belonged out there. She may only be 17, but she fought with years of experience. She was not going to be denied. Ellen Wilson looked good, and Nicole Kubes killed her girl with a smashing O Soto...I would call it a Hajipon......The ref could barely get Hajime out before he was saying Ippon.......(Hajipon). I'll be there tomorrow. It will be USA vs China. I will keep you posted. They fight at 7pm. China also fights against Mexico tomorrow at 1pm.

any sites with updates? Curious how Celita Schultz fought?

Celita Schultz fought well. She won by ippon. I believe she pinned her opponet.

Clown your statement does nothing but express your own jealously for
not participating in such an event. This event is like the best thing for
USA in the smaller less recognized sports. Your venues are great the
crowds are outstanding. You critque things and yet offer no method of
changing Judo in this country. So if this event is bad, what would you
offer inits place.


sounds like the gayest event ever if you ask me. what is it for anyway. Can anyone give me a reason why this guy isn't banned yet?

clown.. that was pretty stupid of you to say. its actually one of the best things the USOC has come up with in some time. fir the price of 1 admission people get to see the best US athletes in judo, wrestling, weight-lifting, boxing, karate and tkd... while the US might not be inviting the worlds top judo nations to compete against, that isnt the case in the other sports.. i know that USA wrestling brings in some of the top teams in the world to compete against as do TKD and Karate.

its a wonderful event and your comment was about the dumbest thing ive ever heard you say, period. id like to see what kind of brain-less marketing strategies you'd come up with if you were in charge of such things for USA Judo or the USOC.

usaclown.......you have issues......you sound like you're coming out of the closet......how do you know so much about what is Gay and what isn't. Is it by experience?

Mods....this guy needs to be banned from this forum. Just my thought. We don't need children here.

US Olympic Judo Team Reigns Victorious Over Mexico at the Titan Games

By Sherrie Phillips // USA Judo// June 19, 2004

ATLANTA, GA. – The US Olympic Judo Team dominated over Mexico with 12 straight victories in tonight's Titan Games. Of the 12 matches, the American's won 11 of them by Ippon getting off to an impressive start in the second year of the annual event.

In match one, the men's 60 kg. category, Arturo Ceniceros met Taraje Williams-Murray. The match began with a failed drop seoinage attack by Cencineros. At the three-minute mark, Williams-Murray executed a beautiful Sukuinage that resulted in the first Ippon win of the night for the American team.

During match two, women's 52 kg., Charlee Minkin faced Soiree Garcia in a rematch of last years Titan Games. Early in the match each of the players were awarded a shido for stalling, however, with 2:39 on the clock Minkin followed Garcia to the mat where she pinned her for a decisive Ippon win.

In the men's 66 kg. category, Abraham Negrete met Alex Ottiano. Ottiano fought a solid match with Negrete. Negrete executed a foot sweep early in the match that briefly lifted Ottiano. The American came back fiercly with a solid Wazari that he followed with a fireman's for Yuko winning the match over the Mexican competitor.

Ellen Wilson met Cinthya Barragan in the women's 57 kg.category. Just 20 seconds into the match Wilson attacked with Osotogari and scored Yuko. Dissatisfied with the yuko, Wilson followed with an even stronger Osotogari that resulted in another Ippon win for the American team.

Jimmy Pedro wasted no time in the men's 73 kg. category when he met Mexican team member Paul Rodriguez. With only 3:39 elapsed in the match, Pedro entered with Uchimata and threw for Ippon taking another match away from the Mexican team.

In the women's 63 kg. weight class, Karin Acosta faced. Ronda Rousey. Rousey didn't look like a newcomer on the senior circuit when she handled Acosta in match 6. Rousey started intensely with a series of strong gripping tactics and then followed Acosta to the mat on her first missed technique to pin her for a score of Ippon..

Rick Hawn executed probably the strongest and the most explosive Ippon of the night in match seven. With over four minutes still remaining in the match, Rick executed a devastating left drop Seoinage throwing Victor Palafox for Ippon with a throw that drew attention from the entire stadium.

Celita Schutz, the women's 70 kg. category participant, diplayed her talent as a seasoned judo player when she met Nancy Acosta. On Schutz's first attack of the night, she threw Acosta with Taitoshi for Wazari and then immediately followed her to the mat where she pinned her for Ippon.

In match nine, the men's 90 kg., Fernando Silveyra faced Brian Olson. Silveyra proved to be no match for Olson. The Mexican judoka was awarded three Shido's for stalling within the first two minutes of the match. During the third minute, Olson executed a strong Seoitoshi ending the match with the score of Ippon.

Nicole Kubes looked impressive in her match against Martha Telez. Off of the first grip Kubes entered with a devastating Osotogari, ending the match with an Ippon score after only 3 seconds had elapsed on the clock.

In match 11, men's 100 kg., Arturo Martinez met Mark Fletcher. Fletcher, a hometown favorite in Atlanta, was a crowd pleaser when he executed right Uchimata that resulted in Ippon.

The final match of the night was in the men's +100kg.category where Guillermo Del Rio faced Martin Boonzaayer. The American began by scoring with a foot sweep for Koka. Later in the match he drove Del Rio to the mat and pinned him for Ippon.

Todays events were very exciting. All matches counted as China swept Mexico as well. I believe we only dropped 3 matches.....Ellen Wilson lost a close match. She was up wazari to koka and the china girl caught her with a Harai toward the end.....N. Kubes lost. Her opponet was all over her. Martin Boonzaayer lost as well. He was thrown with ippon which looked to me to be a yuko. He appeared to have landed more on his side/stomach, but it was called an ippon. For the most part the whole team looked good.

Martin Boonzayer was at a business function all weekend in Nashville. He travelled to and from Atlanta all weekend to be at the Titan Games. He left Nashville yesterday at 4PM EST and was back in Nashville around midnight CST. He was in meetings all day today and then flew back to Atlanta. I am amazed he had the energy to walk on the mat, let alone fight to a 1-1 record. Nice job Martin!

the only possible thing about it thats subpar is the fact that we brought mexico back this year. i think we would have been better to try and get any number of latin american nations, or even canada to come instead.

and, i agree with the idea of having the trials be something more akin to the olympic festivals of old.. but, considering the unreal cost of those festivals and the amount of time it takes just to get through the trials for one sport's top-5 athletes that is a far-cry from ever taking place.

there are many sports that have dozens of athletes per category in their trials, which would easily, easily make a combined festival-type trials an impossible thing.

good though, currently impossible however. all the same, the titan games is a good event and the USOC should damn-well keep it going.