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So this review is on a pair of Thai Pads offered by Title MMA. These pads Retail for 119.99 but are on Sale for 79.99. Title often puts up a sale price when in reality it is always at that amount, The idea being you think you are getting a better price than normally offered. I have owned these pads for over a year and was able to pick them up when they were truly on sale for 39.99. So on with the review!

Manufacturer's description: "Excellent and cost-effective multi-layered pads provide superior targets and protection for all kicks, blows and strikes. Slight contoured design is ideal for all training sessions. All-leather cover with riveted back handle and two forearm hook-and-loop straps for secure fit and use."

Initial Impressions: Out of the box these pads seemed like a potentially decent pair, no loose stitching, handles riveted on well, and they also had an even arch shape. They felt very firm but I assumed that they would break in like most Thai Pads. Straps seemed a little thin but stitching is good and velcro holds well. The Pads' dimensions are 15"x9"x4". and only come in one color scheme of Black and Grey(or silver according to Title).

Opinions as a Holder: This is my first pair of "Contoured" style pads. I find them a little on the akward side when compared to traditional Thai pads. Because of the shape it does not feel as natural when you have them set against your belly pad, and when putting the top inner corners together to form a "V" shape. I am not saying it is impossible just not a comfortable. The pads have good shock absorbtion and I can say my forearms never really got sore. My fingers however is an entirely different story. After a few rounds I could feel the handles getting softer. Over time (and not that much time) the handles began to crack and squish and deform. Now just about every kick and knee on these produces a nice crushing pinch to your fingertips from the handles compressing into your fingers and the pads. After the first run through with these I also noticed real slight cracking in the sides of the pads.

Hitting the Pads: The only enjoyable thing I can say about hitting these pads is the sound, it is a real deep thud followed by a loud pop.......Other than that I am just going to whine from here on out. These pads are firm, real firm. Which is fine I dont mind stiff pads at all, I kind of prefer them over ones that are too soft. What makes these just no fun is the hard edges. These edges are squared and rock hard. If you catch a toe or your instep on the edge of the far pad it is not a fun life experiance. I am not saying you are going to hit the floor and double over in pain but it is well beyond comfortable. I don't honestly see a huge advantage of the angled Thai pad even for hooks and upper cuts. Oh and more cracking has formed on the side of these "leather pads".......If these are leather then why is there cloth under the cracking covering.

Overall Impression: It seems like each time these get used more cracking and flaking happens. The handles get softer and hurt your fingertips more and the edges never soften. Like I said earlier I picked these up for 40 bucks, I feel like I was taken for about $32 because I would not pay more than 8 dollars for these let alone the "sale" price of $80. Title has put out some really good stuff but this is really a questionable product. There is also a seemingly exact pair from their Fighting Sports line but I cant comment on those I would just hope that since it is one of their higher ends lines it would not be anywhere near as poor as these. It is not out of the realm of possibility that I got a particularly horrible pair but I can't sa for sure either way. All I know is that these might be the worst set of pads I have ever held/hit. Maybe even the worst gear I have ever used, and I have used a pair of Everlast from Walmart before (they sucked too by the way). I have to say steer clear of these at all costs....well if you can pick a pair up for $8 go for it but not a penny more.

Front and Back

Soft, deformed, cracked and peeling handles

Cracked side

Cracking and flaking

Oh so hard edges

Yet more Cracking

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I bought these pads about 3 years ago, and they were terrible. Just as the OP stated in his review, the pads were incredibly firm (aka hard), and if you connected with the top of your foot, it was rough. One of my 250 pound students broke his toenail on these, it was bad. Blood everywhere. I sent them back after three weeks, and got a refund. BTW, I purchased 12 pairs.
Ended up buying Twins pads, which are fantastic.