Tito: 5 years since a stoppage!

For all the guys that think Tito has a CHANCE against Liddell, take a look at this sobering stat:

It has been over FIVE FULL YEARS since Tito has a non-decision, non-Ken stoppage, the Elvis fight on June 29, 2001!

Every win he has had since then has been a decision.

Now let me ask you this, how is Tito going to win a decision against a guy he can't take down?

Answer: Chuck by ownage 4:00 round 1.

mma fighter in the USA are becoming like boxer. they fight a time or 2 a year and we are happy....


look at japan where they are fighting 5 to 9 time a year

I remember Tito saying after he beat Vanderlei that he would never have another fight go to decision again.

Only chance tito has is a decision. Get thru rounds 1-2-3 and hope for some weak takedowns and try to get the decision. Chuck has to gas as well and i'm sure he's in good shape for these fights so that might not happen. Tito doesn't beat chuck.......

tito hasn't fought anyone top notch since he lost unless you count shammy, but i think shammy is just fighting to get rich not 2 win imo.

Chuck will beat Tito easily,it is a bad matchup for him.