Tito cracks me up...

In his challenge to Ken at the after-fight press conference, he says "drop to 205"...WTF is that? Challenging someone then asking them to drop to your weight? Tito needs to take a page from Penn's book and step up in weight....

Titos always and will be for shit....

I agree I wish CHUCK was there to put him in check. TITO the Bitch will not fight KEN at HWT.

u also missed the "and both hands behind your back" part of the exchange. go on and rewind it......it's there...u can't make this shit up.

Tito is the worst trash talker in the history of sports.

That is DEFINITELY very weak of Tito. lol

Ken needs to stay at heavyweight, I think he loses too much power and explosiveness when he drops to 205. I think he would beat Tito soundly if they fought as heavyweights.

Step up to the weight class Tito.

Tito at HW would be foreceful. I think Tito honestly could be a contender in whatever weight class Randy Couture ISN'T in.

That said.... Step up, bad boy!!!!!!!!!!!!