TitO Filed For Unemployment despite Mayor Pro Tem and Owning 2 Businesses

Tank also said Tito would call him at the the bar he would hang out and if Tank was there Tito would then go to his place and go through stuff and steal shit like his booze.

Tank has a way with words…

"That was the birth of this Tito explosion of trash, umm, biological trash, not only stealing checkbooks or checks out of my checkbook but stealing air from good honest people. I mean he is a dirtbag…

Here’s the thing.

During his peak, I wasn’t a fan of his. Everything you pointed out, most fans weren’t able to see it at the time. I was never impressed with his fame versus his accomplishments. He was, and has been easy to make fun of.

I admit all of this.

However, over the years, I have learned to put more appreciation into the good acts of a man, the qualities of good character start to outweigh the athletic accomplishments.

That being said, of the two mma fighters I have heard so many fans speak highly of, is Jeremy Horn, and Tito Ortiz.

I have heard personal stories involving Tank which were very believable and your typical assumpion of what it’d be like to interact with Tank back in his hey day.

In summary, I give Tito the benefit of doubt based on hundreds of people I have seen here and elsewhere speak of his character.

The UG is My Bitch


Lol. It’s not like I’m against fucking trashy and drug addled whores, but you don’t go out of your way to impregnate them. That makes you a reckless white trash scumbag, which is what you probably identify with.

Is he not a millionaire?

lol. I hate a person who goes through your shit in the car.

I like Tank and Tito. Tank’s probably not lying, but that’s all dumb shit he probably did when he was some early 20s kid. They were probably drinking buddies and Tito was one of those douchey broke guys with sticky fingers. He wasn’t raised right, so that’s gonna happen. Hopefully he knows better now.

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I just seen on the news just now that Tito makes $1500 a month on the council.

15 million

Grave Digger

I dont like Tito, but if he didnt lie on applications, and they approved it, what’s the problem? If you pay into the system, you might as well get what they offer


It seems really weird and funny that he would collect unemployment, but yeah, if he’s legit qualified for it more power to him. Income is income.

Tito got beat into a Living Debt



You’re a fuckin punk, dude

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Waaat? That joke wrote itself

I know…my line is from another immortal Tito presser…vs Chael


Oh hah. Gotcha

I love how Chael sets him up for that line…he knew Tito couldn’t resist…lol

“Tito? What do I do so well again?”

sad to see tito back on welfare

With a crackteded skull!