Tito Needs This To Win


A badass camp like the one he had back in the day.  He was unstoppable...

Actually i think there is some truth to Motion713s statement but i dont think his training partners would make the difference. Tito used to have tremendous intensity and ridiculous conditioning. He used to be regarded as a conditioning freak that would never get tired, like Sean Sherk is now. I just dont see him with that intensity anymore, look how he gassed vs Rashad. I think losses to Couture and especially Chuck have affected Tito's confidence, he knows its a long road back to a title shot and doesnt seem to possess that same training ethic. Contrary to the assertions of some people, tito has decent skills but his main attributes were always his freakish strength and conditioning and his overwhelming intensity.

I have heard Couture say that tito has finally realised he was overtraining before but IMO his freakish training regimen was his main asset, he wasnt just in good shape he was in tremendous condition so he could go all out for an entire fight. Maybe Tito cant train like that anymore due to age or injuries but i always felt his fighting style revolved around being in superior condition. Not just decent shape, Sean Sherk like freakish shape.

"Tito has had problems with conditioning in grueling fights since Frank Shamrock, how any has forgotten this Ill never know. He certainly got tired in the Randy fight as well. Than again some guy beating on you with dad strength'll do that. "

I actually thought that the one thing Tito could take form that fight was that his conditioning held up very well. He was clearly in very good shape as, although he was dominated for five rounds in what must have been very tiring fashion, he was still defending very actively. I dont think he is in that kind of shape any more. he tired in three round fights vs Griffin and Rashad. He was exhausted vs Rashad in a way i really dont think he would have been at his peak condition


looking at that picture, I just realized Tito surrounds himself with people that have bigger heads than he does. Nowadays, look at Dean Lister and that Justin Buttertits guy or whoever he is. Damn thats a noggin.

Unitl Tito focuses solely on fighting, he'll never be an elite fighter again. Tito has a lot going on right now in his life outside of the cage, and it is showing in his performances in it. It just seems he has his priorities flip flopped.

That loss to Couture definetly explains why he enjoys beating on Shamrock so much, he's like an angry kid subconciously beating on his abusive father.

The point I was making was he was training with bigger and better guys.  Ricco was an animal back then.  Better at striking and a lot better at JJ than Tito.  He needs those type of guys.  Better skilled fighters would help his training immensely.  Swallow that pride Tito!!!