Tito on NUMB3RS tonight...

Did anyone post this already?

Tito Ortiz is supposed to be on that Numbers show tonight, 10 eastern on CBS...

I know the show, but I don't watch it. I caught the commercial UFC Champ Tito Ortiz will be on...

I'll be watching, although it's running opposite of Shark with James Woods... decisions... decisions!!!

Lol at the fighter Tito was mouthing off to being named Ken.

you caught that too!!!! lol I cracked up and my girl who knows who Tito is just looked at me and said "what the f is so funny I know you love ufcs and all but what was funny" ?

What was great was after I explained it she said "oh actually that is funny considering he kicked his ass 3 times" ... Im blessed

Was that Kenny Rogers guy supposed to be Dana White?

Dana White's going to jail!