Tito Ortiz deserves to be in the UFC Hall of Fame

Hate him or love him, Tito Ortiz deserves to be in the UFC Hall of Fame. July 2nd may be the last time we ever see Tito fight in the Octagon. This July is the time to induct him into the Hall of Fame.<br /><br />Tito has been there from the beginning (UFC 13). He has fought 23 of his 24 fights in the UFC. He holds Light Heavyweight Championship records and he holds the record for most PPV's. Come on, Mark Coleman and Ken Shamrock are in. Why has Zuffa held out so long? See the list http://www.ufc.com/fighter/HallOfFame

TheMMALawyer -Tito has been there from the beginning. He has never fought in another organization.

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TheMMALawyer - 

He has never fought in another organization.


I am not a tito fan, but he 100% deserves to be in the hall of fame. It would be a nice gesture to induct him after his next fight win or lose.

OP speaks truth Phone Post

not a fan but he belongs in the HOF

He will be in it. Maybe he should stop posting pics of his dick for a while first though Phone Post

UFC Hall of Fame isnt anything special. It means Your a UFC man.



As a guy that has consistently disliked Tito from the beginning, I agree that he should definitely be in the Hall of Fame.

Him and Frank should go in together.

Since Tito has turned into the Latino Ken Shamrock I saw let him in

When Tito pulls it out in his next fight, it will cement his legacy: TITO will pull it out

Tito carried the UFC on his back for a few years. His face was on everything the UFC promoted.

Most importantly, he was a dominant champion for a decent amount of time.


If K Shamrock is in, then Tito should be too.

kungfugrip - "... Your a UFC man." as opposed to "my a UFC man"? Anyway, considering fighting in/for the UFC is the goal of most MMA fighters, and that the UFC the top promotion of the sport, being in the UFC HOF is a big deal whether you like the UFC or not. And yes, Tito should be in the UFC HOF. It's crazy he isn't in it already. Phone Post

Yes he deserves to be in the HOF and yes he will be inducted eventually.

Without question.

without a doubt .. he saved UFC during the dark years.. then helped bring it to the mainstream with ufc 40.. ufc would have never survived without him .. plus he fought many many top fighters with mixed results.. kinda like Oscar De La Hoya