Tito Ortiz Is MODOK (Romoshop Plz)


not really anymore. ryan bader and rampage jackson have some big ass heads.





Nickman9000 -  Now:

Jenna looks good here

she's had waaaay too much work done for me...no way i'd hit it ;-)


 "Jenna looks good here"

You need some sort of vision correction. Glasses, contacts, a monocle... SOMETHING. Hell, get some laser surgery if you don't like the other options. But something MUST BE DONE to help you if you honestly think that woman is attractive in any way, shape or form. 

I'll try a monocle

Yes I still want to play with those titties

how dare you disrespect a member of alpha flight!

^What the Puck?

^^^That's Joe Benavidez in the Puck outfit for those that don't recognize him.

This thread has legs

Hemlock - This thread has legs

Tiny little legs dangling from a gigantic head.